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1880s English Oil Lamp
Ceremonial Folding Candlestick
Denver Carbide Lamp
Denver Mint Bullion Balance
Elmwood Mine, TN Calcite and Fluorite
Elmwood Mine, TN Fluorite and Sphalerite with Barite
Gilman District, CO Minerals
Lamps and Sticks Display
Leitz Petrographic Microscope ca. 1924
Leitz Universal Microscope ca. 1927
Los Lamentos, Mexico Wulfenite
Mining Display
Mining Lamp Display
Nickel Plated Varney C.S.M. Presentation Candlestick
Rosenbusch Petrographic Microscope ca. 1878
Safety Lamps Display
Snell Lamp
Snell-Zar-Baldwin Carbide Lamps
Survey Instruments
Voigt and Hochgesang Petrographic Microscope ca. 1890

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