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Aluminum Cast Handle LSide
Aluminum Cast Handle RSide
Aluminum Cast Handle Top
Arched Hook Pair LSide
Arched Hook Pair RSide
Beaver Tail
Blacksmith I
Blacksmith II
Blacksmith III
Blacksmith IV
Blacksmith V
Blacksmith VII
Blacksmith VIII
Blacksmith X
Blacksmith XI
Blacksmith XII
Blacksmith XIII
Blacksmith XIV
Boker Lightning I
Boker Lightning II
Boker Sunset
Brass Thimble Clasp Folder Closed
Brass Thimble Clasp Folder
Brass Thimble Clasp Folder Open
Bernier Assembled RSide
Bernier Assembled LSide
Bernier Disassembled
Bernier Knife and Fuse Cutter
Bernier Patent
Butte Copper Presentation Stick Hook Side
Butte Copper Presentation Stick Hook Side Closeup
Butte Copper Presentation Stick Thimble Side
Butte Copper Presentation Stick Thimble Side Closeup
Butte Copper Presentation Stick Top
Butte Copper Presentation Stick Marking
Candlestick Stick Pins
Columbia School of Mines
South Dakota School of Mines
Berkeley School of Mines
Idaho Springs Blacksmith
C Cleaves pic1
C Cleaves pic2
Cleaves Folding Fuse Cutter Sticks
C Cleaves Fuse Cutter Crimper Closed
C Cleaves Fuse Cutter Crimper Open
Cleaves Folding Hook Upright RSide
Cleaves Folding Hook Fuse Cut RSide
Cleaves Folded Hook  RSide
Cleaves Folded Hook  LSide
Comstock Folder Open Front
Comstock Folder Clasp Marking
Comstock Folder Open Back
Comstock Folder Closed Front
Comstock Folder Partially Open
Comstock Folder Closed Back
Comstock Folder Thimble Shaft Closeup
Comstock Folder Clasp Closeup
Comstock Folder Inner Thimble
Comstock Folder Thimble and Handle
Comstock Candle Spike
Comstock Split Thimble RSide
Comstock Split Thimble LSide
Copper Candlesticks
Copper Miniature Stick
Curtiss Patent Stick RSide
Curtiss Patent Stick LSide
Curtiss Patent Stick Marking
Curtiss Patent Stick Thimble Closeup
Curtiss Patent
Doerfler Repro 003
Doerfler Sticks Dec 1908 The American Blacksmith
John Doerfler Sticks I
John Doerfler Sticks II
E. Schneider & Co Stearic Wax Candle
E. Schneider & Co Stearic Wax Candle Marking
E Schneider Candle Ad
Eastern Hook I
Eastern Hook II
Eck Open
Eck Closed Top
Eck Closed Bottom
Eck Patent
English Copper Candle Holder
Eureka Open RSide
Eureka Open LSide
Eureka Closed
Eureka Side View
Pateneaude Patent
Fancy Brass Handle 1896 RSide
Fancy Brass Handle 1896 Handle Detail
Fancy Brass Handle 1896 LSide
Fancy Brass Handle 1896 Marking
Fancy Brass Handle 1896 Spike Detail
Fancy Cutlass Handle LSide
Fancy Cutlass Handle Thimble Closeup
Fancy Cutlass Handle RSide
Fancy Cutlass Handle Hook Closeup
Fancy Cutlass Handle Top
Fancy Stick Diagonal Scribed Thimble LSide
Fancy Stick Diagonal Scribed Thimble RSide
Fancy Stick Diagonal Scribed Thimble Top
Fancy Stick Diagonal Scribed Thimble Closeup
Fancy 2 Piece pic1
Fancy 2 Piece pic2
Fancy 2 Piece pic3
Fancy Diamond Shaft
Fancy Highgrader
Fancy Highgrader LSide
Fancy Highgrader RSide
Fancy Arched Hook
Fancy Arched Hook LSide
Fancy Arched Hook RSide
Fancy Arched Hook Top
Fancy Leadville LSide
Fancy Leadville Closeup
Fancy Leadville RSide
Fancy Leadville Top
Fancy Maltese Cross LSide
Fancy Maltese Cross Thimble Closeup
Fancy Maltese Cross RSide
Fancy Maltese Cross Hook Closeup
Fancy Presentation RSide
Fancy Presentation LSide
Fancy Presentation Top
Fancy Presentation Bottom
Fielding & Peterson pic1
Fielding & Peterson pic2
Fielding and Peterson Patent
Fuse Cutter Stick pic1
Fuse Cutter Stick pic2
Gal Leg Fancy LSide
Gal Leg Fancy RSide
Garland 2 Piece pic1
Garland 2 Piece pic2
Garland 2 Piece pic3
Gal Leg Faceted Thimble
Gal Leg Faceted Thimble Closeup
Gal Leg Faceted Thimble LSide
Gal Leg Faceted Thimble RSide
Gal Leg Faceted Thimble Thumb Tab Closeup
Hasp Thimble
James patent for hasp-style thimble
Highgrader I
Highgrader II
Highgrader Semi Fancy
Highgrader IV
Highgrader Winged Shaft
Highgrader MJM RSide
Highgrader MJM LSide
Highgrader MJM Marking
Husson I
Husson I Marquette Iron Range
Husson II
Husson III
Improved Ideal
Iron Range II
IXL Marking
Husson Ad 1906 Pittsburgh Gage & Supply Co
Knippenberg Patent Items
Knippenberg Patent
Knippenberg Detachable Marked Stick LSide
Ad for Husson Detachable Stick and Candle Holder in 1912 Marshall Wells Catalog
Knippenberg Detachable Marked Stick RSide
Husson Thimble Marking
Husson Stick Marking
Jones Unfolded
Jones Hook Vertical
Jones Folded
Jones Patent Stamping on Clasp
Kaba & Pelham Patent
Kaba & Pelham LSide
Kaba & Pelham RSide
Kaba & Pelham Folded Side
Kaba & Pelham Folded Bottom Marking
Kaba & Pelham Folded Top
Kaba & Pelham Unfolded Top
Kaba & Pelham Unfolded Bottom
Kaba & Pelham Unfolded LSide
Kaba & Pelham Unfolded RSide
Kelly Candlestick
Kelly Patent RSide Crab Shortened
Kelly Patent RSide with Reflector Turned and Crab Extended
Kelly Patent LSide Crab Shortened
Kelly Patent Reflector Turned
Kelly Patent
Korea Model LSide
Korea Model Inlay Closeup
Korea Model RSide
Korea Model Bottom
Korea Model Thimble Closeup
Ouray 033 - Copy
Varney and Lindahl Ads 1905 Hendrie and Bolthoff Catalog
Lindahl Patent
Lindahl Open Thimble LSide
Lindahl Open Thimble RSide
Lindahl Open Thimble Brass Cap Marking
Lindahl Sticks Quarter Scale Model and Full Size
Martin LSide
Martin RSide
Martin Marking
McGill Back
McGill Hook Side
McGill Top
Miniature Candlesticks
Miniature Steel Sticks
Miniature Steel Full Thimble Hook Side
Miniature Steel Full Thimble Side
Miniature Steel Hook Side
Miniature Steel Thimble Side
Miniature Copper
Miniatures 001
Miniatures 003
Miniatures 004
Miniatures 006
Miniatures 005
Miniature Shovel Thumb Tab Steel Stick RSide
Miniature Shovel Thumb Tab Steel Stick LSide
Miniature Steel Std Thimble RSide
Miniature Steel Std Thimble LSide
1903 Photo Diamond Tunnel Silver Plume CO
Fancy Miniature Stick RSide
Fancy Miniature Stick LSide
Fancy Miniature Stick Top
Miniature Stick and Pick
Montana Pistol Grip
Montgomery Ward Favorite
Moss Inlaid Silver
Nash I
Nash II
Nash Patent
Packer LSide
Packer RSide
Edson Packer Patent
Pistol Grip Lampstick
Pistol Grip Folding Hook Closed
Pistol Grip Folding Hook Open
Pistol Grip and Trigger LSide
Pistol Grip and Trigger RSide
Pistol Grip and Trigger Profile
Pleasants Patent RSide
Pleasants Patent LSide
Pleasants Patent Marking
Pleasants Patent
Pocket Folder Open II
Pocket Folder Open I
Niels Larsen Claim Survey and Larsen Folding Candlestick
Pocket Folder Closed II
Pocket Folder Closed III
Larsen Patent
Larsen Patent - Museum Object Report
Ramstead and Johnson Open
Ramstead and Johnson Reverse Side
Ramstead and Johnson Closed
Ramstead and Johnson Patent
Rice pic1
Rice pic2
Rice pic3
Rice pic4
Rice Patent
Sales Model LSide
Sales Model RSide
Sears Favorite
Semi Fancy
Sholder Castellated
Sholder Patent
Snuffer Style
Washburn Patent
M. Werk Co. Ad from Kenney's 1879 Cincinnati Illustrated
Werk Candles Box Marking
STAR Mining Candle
STAR Mining Candle Marking Closeup
Stroehle Small Stick pic1
Stroehle Small Stick pic2
The Miners Baby LSide Open
The Miners Baby Thimble Marking
The Miners Baby RSide Open
The Miners Baby Closed
The Miners Baby Pat Apd For Marking
The Miners Baby RSide Closed
The Miners Baby Steel Marking
John Cluin Patent
Timber Stick
Two Piece Fancy Assembled
Two Piece Fancy Disassembled
USBM Folder 001 Open
USBM Folder 002 Closing
USBM Folder 003 Closed
Varney Bonanza
Varney Clean Cut
Varney Colonial
Varney Denver
Varney I
Varney II
Varney III
Varney Royal
Varney Sayre & Son
Varney Sierra
Walker Patent LSide
Walker Patent
Walker Patent Thimble Attachment
Walker Patent RSide
Walker Patent Date Marking
Washington Marking
Werntz Patent LSide
Werntz Patent RSide
Werntz Patent Top
Werntz Patent Disassembled
Werntz Patent Pocket Stow
Werntz Patent
Wire Candlestick
Wire Marquette Iron Range
Wolf Head RSide
Wolf Head Closeup
Wolf Head LSide
Hoosier shaft house; Wolf Tongue Mining Co.; 2 miles north of Nederland, CO, Sept. 3, 1909
Town Lot shaft house; Wolf Tongue Mining Co.; Nederland, CO, Sept. 3, 1909
Wolf Tongue Gale mine; 2 miles north of Nederland, CO, Feb. 17, 1917
Wolf Tongue mill; Nederland, CO, Feb. 27, 1917
Wolf Tongue Mining and Milling Co. mill and tailings; Nederland, CO, July 24, 1911
New Folder
New Folder (2)

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