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American Deputy Beard Mackie Indicator
Beard Mackie Indicator
Beard-Mackie Patent
American Safety Lamp & Mine Supply Ad 1895
ASL&MSCo Clanny
ASL&MSCo Clanny Marking
ASL&MSCo Clanny Open
ASL&MSCo Clanny Parts
ASL&MSCo Davy I Open
ASL&MSCo Davy I Base Marking
ASL&MSCo Davy II Open
ASL&MSCo Davy II Marking
ASL&MSCo Davy III Open
ASL&MSCo Davy III Top Marking
ASL&MSCo Davy III Base Marking
ASL&MSCo Davy IV Open
American Safety Lamp A-H-G
American Safety Lamp A-H-G Marking
American Safety Lamp A-H-G Open
American Safety Lamp A-H-G Tubes Closed
American Safety Lamp A-H-G Tubes Open
Bickerton Open
Joseph Cooke 1876 Ad Graces Guide
Joseph Cooke Clanny
Joseph Cooke Clanny Marking
Joseph Cooke Clanny Open
Davis & Son Ad 1901 Mines and Minerals
Davis Open
John Davis & Son Ad 1907 Coal Field Directory
Davis Fire Tryer Ad 1906 Pittsburgh Gage and Supply Catalogue
Davis Aluminum Front
Davis Aluminum Back
Davis Aluminum Base
Davis Aluminum Marking
Davis Deputy Ad
Everhart Brass  Works Ad 1907 Coal Field Directory
Everhart Open
Everhart Ad in 1891 Colliery Engineer
Everhart Flying Saucer
Everhart Flying Saucer Open
Everhart Clanny
Everhart Clanny Marking
Everhart Clanny Disassembled
Ackroyd & Best Pittsburgh Ad in the July 1915 Colliery Engineer
Hailwood Lamp Ackroyd & Best
Hailwood Lamp Ackroyd & Best Marking
Hailwood Lamp Ackroyd & Best Bottom I
Hailwood Lamp Ackroyd & Best Bottom II
Hughes Bros. Ad 1901 Mines and Minerals
Hughes Clanny
Hughes Clanny Open
Hughes Clanny Marking
Hughes Davy
Hughes Davy Open
Hughes Davy Marking
Hughes Bros. Ad in 1918 Mining Catalog
Hughes Fire Boss
Hughes Fire Boss Open
Hughes Fire Boss Marking
Hughes Vest Pocket Lamp
Hughes Vest Pocket Lamp Opened
Hughes Vest Pocket Lamp on Left and Hughes Fire Boss Davy on Right
Hughes Bros. Ad 1915 Colliery Engineer
Koehler Aluminum Early Model
Koehler Aluminum Early Model Top Marking
Koehler Aluminum Early Model Marking
Koehler Aluminum Early Model Assembly
Koehler Aluminum Models -Early on Left and Late on Right
Koehler Aluminum
Koehler Aluminum Permissible Top Marking
Koehler Steel Approval 201
Koehler Steel Approval 201 Top Marking
Maurice Baby Wolf
Maurice Baby Wolf Marking
Maurice Baby Wolf Disassembled
Maurice Baby Wolf Trade Mark
Maurice Wolf Type FS
Maurice Wolf Type FS Disassembled
Queen Open
Queen Marking
Wolf Ad 1901 Mines and Minerals
Baby Wolf
Baby Wolf Open
Baby Wolf Permissible Label
Wolf Junior Early
Wolf Junior Early Open
Wolf Junior Later
Wolf Junior Later Open
Wolf Juniors
Wolf Family - Baby, Junior and Standard
Wolf Fuel Canisters
Wolf Brass
Wolf Magnetic Lock
Wolf Standard Magnetic Lock Open
Wolf Standard  USBM Permissible Marking
Wolf Mirror
Wolf Screw Lock

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