About Me

Welcome to my collection of mining artifacts. My name is Hal Post and I’ve been collecting mineral specimens, mining books and mining artifacts for over 25 years. I’ve added descriptive text and a little history to each of my artifacts so I hope you enjoy the pics and perhaps find them educational as well. I love old mining supply catalogues so I will continue to add scans of mining items from these catalogues as they become available. If you have comments or questions, like the site or don’t like the site, or have some suggestions to make it better, please let me know with an email. Thanks and Enjoy!

Check out some of my favorite early photos of Colorado and Utah mining history. These photos are from the USGS photo library coming from the early (1880s to 1920s) USGS studies conducted by such icons as Emmons, Spurr, Cross, Lindgren and Ransome. Some of these photos found their way into early USGS professional papers, monographs and bulletins but most did not.